for food and beverages

Quality breathing and safe pack
makes your product outstanding and more valuable
for consumers!

for brand promotion

The branded pack will add
your product value
and improve the chances in the competitive activity

for storage and handling

Corrugated cardboard pack
shall save the product appearance,
your money and nerves!

We produce corrugated cardboard pack
of any form and complexity

We believe and we know that the customer interest in the package
often ends up with the product purchase

New production format for the medium and small business:

delivery all over Ukraine;

small lot “just-in-time” delivery;

“minimum payout” service;

full-time support, engineering and designer departments;

manufacture of a pilot structure sample before the stamp procurement;

servicing of both small and large orders.

Order a pack design

That’s all for our customers!

Space for ideas
Over 40 items range of products
Production and delivery all over Ukraine within 14 business days
Professional state-of-the-art technologies

Still looking for “pro” arguments
to work with us?

Here are
10 of them!


Reasonable prices

We are in the market since 1998. By now we have checked over 40 suppliers of corrugated cardboard and over 20 suppliers of equipment and components from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Turkey and Austria, had over 200 meetings, processed over 96 million square meters of corrugated cardboard. We have selected the best ones to offer the best terms for our customers.


Convenient shipping methods

We send our packs both with transport agencies and with private shippers. We will select the best shipping method for our customer as of time and cost.


Over 18 years’ experience

Children, who were born in the year of our company establishment, are of full age now. Gofrobox company is found on the base of the enterprise stretching back to the year 1998. You could work at one of the companies of our production group: TsUD Ltd., TsUD Trade house Ltd., Centerpack Ltd., Pizzabox, KTsU Ltd, TUR Logistics center Ltd., Center of pack solutions Ltd.


Prototype development

Our expertise allows us advising on product pack. You can also test the proposed structure before the stamp is purchased, after you get a pilot sample.



Currugated cardboard is 100% sustainable and contains only cellulose and recycled paper. All the materials (paint, corrugated cardboard, film) are recyclable. Thus, choosing this pack we save the world in our way.


of an individual contract

We are a flexible and responsible company. We do not promise - we contract.


Availability of
a small run

We also make small orders. They are a bit more expensive, though logic.


No structure
or design limits

We do not bind our customers down. Our company can produce any corrugated cardboard pack, if you are ready for changes.


Long-standing reputation

Since the year 1998, we had 1300 customers, 70% of which are our long-standing clients, who still order their pack from us. Ekvator Ltd., Gostomel glass factory PrJSC, Massandra, Sevastopol vinery, Inkerman, Zolotaya balka, Simferopol vine and cognac house, Fotisal vinery, Magliv and others.


Faulty replacement guarantee

We guarantee the quality of goods, print, and delivery – we put it in the contract and follow it up.

Boxes are the best:

To pack
food products:

Butter, canned goods, sauces, chicken, meat, stakes, sugar, cheese and other everyday products.

Order a food products pack

To pack confectionery:

Bakeries, tea-rooms, confectionery delivery, candy manufactures.

Order a confectionery pack

To pack food:

Restaurants, bars, cafes, food delivery, burgers, stakes, barbecue, chips, pizza delivery.

Order a pack design

To pack beverages:

Juice, water, detox breakfast, beverages, and other tasty liquids in glass, plastic and packs.

Order a beverages pack

For moves:

Private moves, moving companies, garage storage, space organization.

Order corrugated cardboard space

To pack fragile items:

Laboratory retorts, vessels and test tubes, glass bottles and jars, ceramics, and other fragile and breakable items.

Pack a fragile item

For gift and set wrapping:

Corporate gifts, cosmetics sets, perfumery sets, subscription services.

Order a gift or set wrapping

For small businesses
and start-ups:

Small run, selection of set stamps, testing of new pack types for beginners.

Order a pack design

To keep the documents, books, household goods:

Archive boxes, folders and containers for space optimization.

Order a storage pack

Cakes packing

Bakeries, cafe-confectioneries, confectionery delivery and confectionery production.

Order corrugated fiberboard boxes for cakes

Corrugated fiberboard boxes for food packing with food lamination

The boxes are great for greasy, wet, moist and juicy products. These boxes keep the heat well.

Order corrugated fiberboard boxes with lamination

Corrugated fiberboard Fruit Trays

Corrugated fruit trays for fruits storing and transporting.

Order corrugated fiberboard fruit trays

Corrugated fiberboard shoeboxes

Very strong boxes, resistible to various mechanical loads; the boxes have ventilation holes, and are easy assembled; have security locks to prevent opening.

Order corrugated fiberboard shoeboxes

Corrugated fiberboard pizza boxes

Corrugated fiberboard pizza boxes of any design and complexity. Digital printing is available. In stock.

Order corrugated fiberboard pizza boxes

Corrugated fiberboard bottle carriers

Corrugated fiberboard bottle carriers for wine or beer, for 4 and 6 bottles of volume 0.33 – 1 liter.

Order corrugated fiberboard bottle carriers

Corrugated fiberboard pizza boxes

Corrugated fiberboard pizza boxes of any design and complexity. Digital printing is available. In stock.

Order corrugated fiberboard pizza boxes

Corrugated fiberboard boxes of any design and complexity

Development of corrugated boxes of any design and complexity within the shortest possible time.

Order corrugated fiberboard boxes

Corrugated fiberboard boxes for pies, khachapuri, and for Calzone pizza

Order corrugated fiberboard boxes for pies and khachapuri

Confectionery products boxes

Bakeries, cafe-confectioneries, confectionery delivery and confectionery production.

Order corrugated fiberboard boxes for confectionery products

Confectionery products boxes

Bakeries, cafe-confectioneries, confectionery delivery and confectionery production.

Order corrugated fiberboard boxes for confectionery products

The high quality packaging “recipe”,
or ingredient you should always keep in mind!

Unique design

Stand out! This is the pack that makes a customer choose and keeps your product unstandard compared to the one of your competitors.

1. When the “Dominos” pizza came to the Ukrainian market, no one could compare their product with the pizza of competitors, as Dominos, unlike others, gave the pizza size not in centimeters, but in inches. And, finally, their pizza box had a unique box-plate design without locks.
2. The same case was with Apple when they came in the mobile phones market, they offered the client not only a fast operating system with a number of already existing features, but also such a pack (interface, case, box) and now they take the lead in the smartphones market.

High-quality application of logo and brand information,
professional prepress

Printing on a corrugated fiberboard box tells the buyer a lot:

• The manufacturing people like their job and want their product to be beautifully packed;
• The business owner cares about his product appearance;
• The message of the manufacturer to the buyer;
• The manufacturer is open and liable to the buyer, he values his reputation.

Our employees will see any errors or inaccuracies possible that may occur when implementing your idea through flexographic printing technology. This way, we can avouid such problems.

Logo and brand name

Customer loyalty to logo box packed products always has a cumulative effect: with every year of your company operating in the market, the product sells better, as it becomes more recognizable. For example, you will always recognize the logo of the famous Adidas, McDonalds and Puma companies, even without a word. Ask yourself, which box do you trust more: a box with a logo and a beautiful design or a faceless and nameless one?

Professional production

Our customers tell us that before they came to us, they almost had to literally persuade and stir up suppliers for an efficient action. Our customers were indignant: they paid money, they gave a clear description of what they needed, and suppliers turned their noses up. Therefore, the ability to work needs also a desire and a direct access to the supplier, i.e. the opportunity to come directly to the office or to the production and talk, discuss, decide and bring the order to the result. We are professionals and we have a sincere desire to help you.

Working together!

You apply
We call back
We make it agree:
price, design,
production term, documents
We make out an invoice
You pay for the order
We perform the pack
on-schedule delivery
You are happy with
the pack issue solution


This is the best product pack solution!
The stories of our customers.

The “Nikolay” bakery, Kyiv

The story of our cooperation with the “Nikolai” bakery dates back to 2011, when we first met its leader at the specialized exhibition “Bread & Confectioner Expo-2011”. We saw that delicious and fragrant pastries were presented to customers in unsightly brown boxes with a single-color print. This was a real blasphemy! It was necessary to change the situation immediately. During the experiments, we created a decent frame for the culinary masterpieces produced in the "Nikolai" bakery. This is an original corrugated fiberboard box with two cellulose layers, raster printing, and promotional printing inside. Even before opening the box, the client already understands that there is something surprisingly appetizing inside!

A customer feedback

It is interesting to work with this company. You can feel their experience in creating baking packaging: they offer both fresh ideas and solutions that, despite their logic and simplicity, still surprise.

Platonov Evgeny, “Nikolay” bakery Supply Manager

Pizza delivery "Pizza 33", Kiev

Sometimes partners get tired of each other and decide to take some rest. We also had such a period with “Pizza 33” Pizza delivery in 2014. At a certain point, they left us for another supplier and changed the design on the pizza box. Design changes affected the innovation then, namely the QR code with the link to the company's website. New suppliers made an excellent corrugated box, but, alas, any device could not read the QR code. After a short break, our relationship with “Pizza 33” resumed and they talked about this problem with QR code. In the course of our mini study, we found that the QR code scanners respond to dark areas of the picture, i.e. the white-orange code is not visible, and the orange-white code is visible. Thus, we inverted the code and it became readable again! The problem has been solved, and our client and a good old friend - “Pizza 33” company - was satisfied.

A customer feedback

Thanks you guys for the coolly created product - a bright box that stands out among other brands. Thanks to the original corrugated fiberboard box packaging, the number of customers in our delivery has increased.

Chernukha Andrey, Pizza delivery "Pizza 33" Supply Manager

"Camo” Sausages, Sevastopol

We try to get to know our each client personally: look in the eye, find out the problems and find the common ground. This approach helps us to understand each other better and identify ways to improve the product. During one of our visits to the "Camo” factory in Sevastopol in 2011, we noticed that the algorithm for placing products in our client’s corrugated fiberboard boxes was violated. The fact was that the corrugated box for sausage has an oblong shape is logical given the shape of sausage sticks. Employees at the factory loaded sausages from the end of the box, and then placed the corrugated fiberboard box on its side. Because of such placement of the box, the stiffeners of the corrugated fiberboard did not fulfill their function. We changed the design of the box so that products loading took place from the upper side of the box. This decision allowed reducing the price of the corrugated fiberboard box due to the decrease in consumption of raw materials for an improved box. However, this was not the end: since the new design redistributed the load on the bottom box in the stack, the need for the T23 corrugated cardboard brand was no longer valid, and the T21 cardboard brand became quite enough for the client, which also positively affected the price. In total, the price of a corrugated box fell by 1 UAH/pc., so, considering the factory orders of 40 thousand pcs. of corrugated fiberboard boxes per month made the figure of savings significant.

A customer feedback

We’ve been working together for a long time. I really like the fact that they never leave us alone with our problems. It is a good strong company, and I can recommend them.

Ivan, Head of the Supply Department of the "Camo” Sausages, Sevastopol

“Fruit paradise”

The story happened in summer 2012 in one of the markets of Simferopol. Local newspapers interviewed Mogilev A.V. (Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea). The topic of the interview was closely related to agriculture in the Crimea and therefore they talked about the local farming, about success in this field, and other. At some point of the conversation Anatoly Vladimirovich went to the counter where a woman was selling peaches, he took and tried a peach, then showed it to reporters and said something like: “Look what delicious peaches grow in our Crimea”. The lesson of the story is following: in Crimea peaches are delicious everywhere and there were a dozen more peach stalls on that market, but he came up to peaches of the “Fruit Paradise” farm. And guess, in which box those peach were packed? So, marketers can say anything about the backwardness of our market, that packaging does not bother people at all, because only price matters, but trust me, first the client buys the book because of its cover, and then evaluates its content.

A customer feedback

We have been working with the “Gofrobox” company for more than 5 years already. In 2012, we trusted the company and decided to experiment by making a box of a denser corrugated cardboard with full-color printing. Naturally, this made the price of the product higher. This pushed us away from this idea earlier, but the results exceeded our wildest expectations. If we knew about the results in advance, we would not doubt for a second. Thanks for good job.

Nikolay Anatolyevich, Agronomist of the “Fruit Paradise” farm

Pizza delivery
“Pizza Rolla”

In 2012, we received a complaint about our production from the “Pizza Rolla” company. The complaint was that the boxes were soaked during pizza delivery. We made the following circulation from a more durable corrugated cardboard, however, the complaint repeated. Then we initialized a mini study, the essence of which was to accompany a pizza deliveryman from the goods display area to the client's address. When the deliveryman took the pizza out of the bag, we could see an abundance of moisture outside the box, which led us to the solution. It turned out that the problem was that bags of suppliers were poorly ventilated and the condensate in between rides did not have time to dry out. Therefore, the next box instantly got wet as soon as it got into the bag and, of course, it had no chance to reach the client. We found the cause for the quality loss and eliminated it. We devote time to our customers and they appreciate it.

A customer feedback

It is a reliable enterprise. We have been working together for more than 4 years. Since the beginning of cooperation, our corrugated fiberboard box has undergone many positive changes with the active participation of the “Gofrobox” company. We also easily improved the box forming method at the start of our work. All in all, it is nice to deal with the company, and I recommend it.

Alexey, Pizza delivery “Pizza Rolla” Supply Manager

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